Special Destinations

The Machu Pichu of Turkey Termessos

The only city that Alexander the Great attacked and could not conquer. 40 minutes of steep climbing necessary to see the hidden city in the mountains.

The oldest Temple of the World Göbeklitepe

Stonehenge. Forget it. This is 7000 years older. Several circular formations of mans first temples. The most recent UNESCO entry.

The Nemrut Mountain Kommagene Kingdom

45 min. steep climbing to see the tumulus pyramid, under which the Kommagene King still lies with his 2000 year treasure and guardian figureheads.

Antalya: three ancient cities Perge-Aspendos-Side

Best preserved ancient theatre of the world, Aspendos still shows summer opera performances. One of the best excavated cities of Turkey is Perge. Relax at Kurşunlu Waterfall after three city visits.

Antalya & Adventure Rafting / ATV / Off Road Safari

Enjoy a rafting route with your friends and family. Quad-Bike ATV to drive through special tracks. Taurus Mountain adventure on four wheels.

Antalya: three ancient beauties Demre-Myra-Kekova

The church of Santa Claus who lived in Demre. Myra cave-tombs of the ancient Lykian culture. Reach the sunken city of Kekova with a boat.