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İstanbul’a ilk defa geliyorsanız “mutlaka görmelisiniz”. Bu yürüyüş gezisinde başlıca turistik yerler Ayasofya, Sultanahmet Camii, Topkapı Sarayı, Sultan Mezarları, Alman Çeşmesi, Hipodrom ve Mısır Dikilitaşı, Kapalı Çarşı‘dır. Tur, Hipodrom’da başlar ve tüm girişleri ve profesyonel rehberi içerir. Bu tur, tarih ve kültürü sevenler için idealdir, ancak yüksek tarihi içerik nedeniyle çocuklar sıkılabilir.


900 yıl dünyanın en büyük kilisesi 500 yıl camii olarak kullanıldıktan sonra müze oldu. 2020 yılında tekrar camii olan şaheser 1000 yıl sonra bile birçok yapıya ilham verdi.


Kâbe’den sonra en ünlü cami. Sultan I.Ahmet’in emriyle inşa edilen ve kendi adını taşıyan camii, 20.000 mavi çinisinden dolayı Mavi Camii olarak da bilinir.


Tepenin tamamı bir çarşı. 4000 dükkanın labirentinde kaybolabilirsiniz. İsteğe bağlı fayans ve halı sunumları ile mükemmel alışveriş deneyimi.


Tepe tümüyle bir çarşı. 4000 dükkandan oluşan labirentte kaybolabilirsiniz. İsteğe bağlı fayans ve halı sunumları ile mükemmel alışveriş deneyimi.


Eski kentin içinden yürüyerek Sultanahmet Camii, Ayasofya, Topkapı Sarayı ve Kapalı Çarşı’yı göreceğiz. Bunların dışında, Büyük Sadrazam İbrahim Paşa’nın ikametgahı olan Türk İslam Eserleri Müzesi’nin dışından geçip göreceğiz. Ayrıca diğer şehirlere, Sultan Mezarlarına, Alman Çeşmesine, Hipodrom ve Mısır Dikilitaşına ve Yerebatan Sarnıcı’na mesafeleri ölçmek için bir başlangıç ​​noktası olarak kullanılan Milyon Taşı.

* Bu tam programın zamanlamasına ayak uydurabilmek için dakikada ortalama 50 metre (3 km / s) yürüme hızı şarttır. Yaşlılar veya engelliler bunun için desteğe ihtiyaç duyabilir.

** Kış döneminde Ayasofya Pazartesi günleri kapalıdır. Topkapı Sarayı her Salı kapalıdır. Bunların yerini Yeraltı Yerebatan Sarnıcı ziyareti alacaktır.



In order to see the beauty of this city, sail alongside the european and asian coasts of the Bosphorus Strait by boat. Visit the colorful Spice Bazaar for a degustation of  various sorts of the famous “Turkish Delight”. The asian side offers an amazing panoramic view from the top of Çamlıca Hill to see the sheer size of Istanbul. Beylerbeyi Palace sums up all the beauties a palace can host, accompanying the Bosphorus.


Old fortresses and cute residences, fine mosques stand next to Sultans palaces, intercontinental bridges connecting neighborhoods of Istanbul. Take your cameras with you.


Next to the Golden Horn, the natural harbour of the ancient city, was the last stop of the Silk and Spice Roads. See and smell the Silk, Spices and golden Saffron.


Beylerbeyi Palace was used only a few months in the year, to make life more bearable on hot summer days & nights. Visit both, the Official and the Harem Section.


Look over to Europe from Asia. See not only the beauty of the Bosphorus, but also the Prince’s Island in the Marmara Sea, and the vast asian side of the city.



The SPICE BAZAAR (also called Egyptian Bazaar) is located right at the Golden Horn, which is an arm of the Bosphorus, and is a good starting point for this excursion. You have the opportunity to make colorful photos and a degustation of diverse sorts of the famous “Turkish Delight”.


  During the BOSPHORUS BOAT TOUR all beauties of this city are unveiled. Sultans palaces stand next to modern bridges, that connect continents. Mosques and churches side by side, affluent residences in posh districts. The Bosphorus fascinates in every season of the year with breathtaking pictures, to remain as an unforgetable lifelong memory. Its turquoise waters blend with the lightblue sky and blossoming magenta colored judas trees in spring, whereas evergreen cypresses peak out in winter through the snow-covered roofs of elegant mansions, as you pass and listen to the pertaining historical commentary of each.


 BEYLERBEYI PALACE was a summer residence of the Sultans, used only a few months in year. A constant breeze from north makes life here more bearable on hot summer days & nights. It was also used as a state guest house, welcoming many european royals. Today it serves as a museum with two sections, the official-administrative and the Harem Section, both of which will be visited. Right at the banks of the Bosphorus and surrounded from three sides with courtyards, where magnolia trees give a soothing shade in the heat of summer, this mostly european style palace mingles with oriental and asian flair.


 ÇAMLICA HILL on the asian side offers an amazing view from the top, not only to see the beauty, but also the sheer size of Istanbul. On clear days, you can look to see the Prince’s Island in the Marmara Sea, and even discern the top of Mount Olympos in Bursa.


 * The Beylerbeyi Palace is closed every Monday and will be replaced with the Chora Church Museum. Accordingly on mondays the asian side will not be visited as the Çamlıca Hill will be replaced with the Pierre Loti Hill over the Golden Horn.



The land of beautiful horses, offers more experiences than its name implies. Highlights like Göreme Open Air Museum, astonishing views of fairy-chinmeys in Zelve & Paşabağ valleys, that are so much more apparent than the impressive cave cities. Beside the wines of Cappadocia the region Avanos is famous for terra-cotta production. History and culture are blended in this tour with an adventurous Hot Air Balloon Ride.


Monks fostered a model for teachings and practices of the Christian world in such monasteries, paintings reflecting their secluded lives.


Suplied with air and water, up to 20.000 people found shelter in times of war or crisis in these cities, interconnected with long secret tunnels.


An interactive presentation of regional terra-cotta art is one of the interesting things that you can participate in.


Soar amidst rising and descending balloons at sunrise, above the irreally stunning landscape of fairy chimneys. (must be paid extra)



The astonishing rock formations of Cappadocia will accompany us throughout the day, each and every valley having its peculiarity.  In DEVRENT VALLEY (also called IMAGINATION VALLEY) as well as ESENTEPE PANORAMIC VIEW POINT, everything is up to ones imagination. The unique panorama of cave houses, rock formations and fairy chimneys are more or less similar to other objects one comes across in daily life, leaving space for individual interpretation.


MONKS VALLEY (PAŞABAĞ) and ZELVE are famous with their monasteries where monks lived and prayed. Some of the highest fairychimneys with multiple caps are here.


AVANOS has become a centre for terra-cotta production since the beginning of settlement in Cappadocia around 3000BC.  An interactive presentation of pottery art is one of the interesting things that you can participate in.


The famous GÖREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM is a highlight exposing churches, dormitories, dining rooms, chapels and several other features typical for a monastery, that were very suitable for monks to live their secluded lives. At this stage in Cappadocia, Christian ideology intermingled with cleric practices, to become a centre for religious education, spreading from here to all over the world. Today, Byzantine art, frescoes and paintings that are well preserved are to be seen here.


UÇHISAR CASTLE (Cave Rock City) is the highest elevation of Göreme, a big rock with caves and tunnels that served as a fortification and watchtower. From here the village of Göreme and surroundings can easily be discerned.


UNDERGROUND CITY: There are plenty of underground cities, which are even connected to each other by tunnels. Air ventilation and underground rivers supplying water, would enable inhabitants to flee from attackers or the cold in winter into these cities, to pass difficult times. These underground cities could provide shelter for as much as 20.000 people. Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı Underground Cities are among the most visited. *Claustrophobics should not enter underground cities.




Main attraction in this excursion are the unique cascading travertines, which, from distance, look like cotton candy. Deep in the earth, water heated by volcanic lava dissolves pure white calcium and rises to cover the surface of this steep hillside. Hierapolis old city was the biggest spa and health center of antiquity, with the famous Cleopatra Bath. Among all the excavated cities, this one hosts the biggest Necropolis.  This tour is a good mix of  history, sightseeing, fun and relaxation.


The excavated parts of Hierapolis show all facettes of a roman city. The beautiful Triton Fountain, a theatre, Cathedral, the Agora and the numerous roman baths are worthwhile seeing.


Walk barefeet in Snowwhite terraces and basins, that occur naturally when spring waters rise, loosing heat and pressure, and calciumcarbonate subsides are left on the surface.


Especially the elder came to find relief for their pains. Some stayed longer and passed away, hence the biggest necropolis that has survived to our day. Different types of tomb mouseleums.


Like sparkling wine, bubbles rise from the spring source, to give CO and CO2 out to the air. One can find it very amusing to take a bath here as did once the legendary Cleopatra herself (extra).

PAMUKKALE (Cotton Castle) TOUR D:


CASCADING TRAVERTINES: This place famous for its amazingly white travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis. Around twenty hot water springs have formed in time, white cascading terraces here. Somewhere deep in the earth beneath Pamukkale and the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis lies a vast source of water heated by volcanic lava. Under heat and pressure, the water dissolves pure white calcium, becomes saturated with it, and carries it to the earth’s surface, where it bursts forth and runs down a steep hillside. When these hot spring waters rise to surface, loosing heat and pressure, carbonmonoxide and carbondioxide is given off. Calciumcarbonate subsides naturally shape these amazing white cascades. Today, one can walk through Pamukkale barefeet and even find a chance to bathe in the hot water of the ancient pool, also called Cleopatra Bath.


HIERAPOLIS ANCIENT CITY: Built just above the hot spring waters of Pamukkale, HIERAPOLIS is a mighty ancient city, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Founded in 2nd century BC by the King of Pergamon, it later was taken over by the Roman Empire, to become a commercial center. The city with its hot spring waters was also the biggest Spa center of the ancient world. Especially elder people came here from all corners of the empire, to find relief for their pains. Some stayed longer and passed away here, hence the biggest necropolis that has survived to our day.
Hierapolis Ancient city also hosts a wonderful and well preserved theatre situated on the hillside. Other attractions are the Roman Baths, Domitian Gate, Latrina, Oil Factory, Frontinus Street, Agora, Triton Fountain, Byzantium Gate, Cathedral, Apollon Temple, Plutonium and the Antique Pool (also called Cleopatra Bath). You will find a chance to take photos of the best spots in Pamukkale while walking the travertines barefeet down.


 *CLEOPATRA ANTIQUE BATH entrance fee must be paid extra.



As the Capital of Asia Minor, Ephesus had a population of 250.000 inhabitants in Roman era. Being the last place where the mother of Jesus traveled to and passed away, today Virgin Mary House has become an important pilgrim place, where Lazarist priests still practice daily mass. Not far from Ephesus is the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Şirince village has become very popular with its idyllic character, meanwhile a touristic hotspot famous for its wines and wineries.


Mother Mary House was discovered after a nun’s description of her visions, to be the house where she finally lived and died. The peaceful aura leaves a serene and sublime touch in everyones heart.


Highlights in this best excavated antique city of the world are, Celsus Library, the theatre, Hadrian Temple, Trajan Fountain, Vestalin Temple, the Odeon and several others.


A 15 minutes drive from Ephesus is the charming mountain village, where locals turned their homes to cute B&B places. A degustation in a small family winery, at a cozy fireplace can be very cheerful.


Lydian King Croesus built the sanctuary, also called Diana Temple in Roman Era. Abandoned after Christianity established itself in this area, today very little is left from the wonderful shrine.



EPHESUS: Refugees from the Aegean Islands settled here in 1040 BC. to provide the basis of a greek trade colony, which eventually rose to become a member of the twelve cities of the Ionian League in Greek Era. In Roman era the port city became capital of Asia Minor, with a population of 250.000, an important commercial and political center. Ephesus is the last place that Virgin Mary traveled to with Saint John The Evangelist. Also Saint Paul visited the city, arrested for his highly emotional speeches, that attracted attention but also arose the pagan society. Highlights to be seen in the antique city are the Celsus Library and theater. Other than these, the Temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan, the Odeon, Virgin Priestesses Vestalin Temple. Agora, the baths and latrines, several churches are major sights.


ARTEMIS TEMPLE: Though the first temple building dates to 8th century BC., the sanctuary is much older. Destroyed three times and rebuilt in 550 BC with the contributions of the famous King Croesus, the Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Abandoned after Christianity established itself in this area, today very little is left from the temple since majority of marble columns were reused in other buildings, amongst others the Hagia Sophia.


VIRGIN MARY HOUSE: Located at the skirt of Bulbul Mountain, Virgin Mary’s House is a shrine where Lazarist priests still practice daily mass. Discovered after a Catholic nun in Germany described the place in her visions, to be the house where Mother Mary lived and died. It has become an important pilgrim place.


ŞİRİNCE VILLAGE: Not far from Ephesus is Şirince, a village that has become very popular with its idyllic character, meanwhile a touristic hotspot famous for its wines. You can make degustation here in the several wineries.

Başlıca Hizmetler Tur C-D-E

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  • gidiş-dönüş iç hat uçuşları
  • Profesyonel Tur Rehberi
  • Karayolu Ulaşım
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Özel Destinasyonlar


Türkiye’nin Machu Pichu’su Termessos

The only city that Alexander the Great attacked and could not conquer. 40 minutes of steep climbing necessary to see the hidden city in the mountains.

Dünyanın en eski tapınağı Göbeklitepe

Stonehenge. Forget it. This is 7000 years older. Several circular formations of mans first temples. The most recent UNESCO entry.

Komagene Krallığı ve Nemrut Dağı Anıtmezarı

45 min. steep climbing to see the tumulus pyramid, under which the Kommagene King still lies with his 2000 year treasure and guardian figureheads.

Termessos was a Pisidian city 1600 metres high in the Taurus Mountains, 30 kilometres north of Antalya. The mythical founder of the city is Bellerophon, who killed the Chimaera, but in fact, it was founded by the Solims who are mentioned by Homer in the Iliad. Concealed by pine forests and with a peaceful and untouched appearance, the site has a more distinct and impressive atmosphere than many other ancient cities. Because of its natural and historical riches, it is included today in the Termessos National Park. History: Alexander the Great surrounded the city in 333 BC, comparing it to an eagle’s nest. Because of the insurmountable natural barriers around the city, even a small force could easily defend it, thus making it the only city Alexander failed to conquer. Termessos became an important ally of Rome in 71 BC., but was abandoned (year unknown) after an earthquake destroyed the aquaduct system and the water supply. From the main road, a steep road leads up to the city, called “King Street”, until the Hellenistic period fortification walls, behind which the old city lies on a flat area. The agora, other official buildings, the theatre, five cisterns are some of the features here. The gymnasium from the 1st century AD. is overgrown by trees today, whereas monumental tombs are carved into the rock, with a necropolis in the lower city.

“Göbeklitepe changes everything” as the oldest temple of the world, dating back to 10.000 BC. It is an archaeological site in Southeastern Turkey, 12 km from the city of Şanlıurfa, first noted in 1963, excavated since 1996. Though 200 pillars in about 20 circles of massive ‘T’-shaped stone pillars (each 6m high, 10 tons) were detected to be the world’s oldest known megaliths, large parts still remain unexcavated. The details of the structure’s function remain a mystery, but it is believed to have been of a social or ritual nature by site discoverer and excavator Klaus Schmidt. The site was abandoned after it was used for about 1000 years, and was designated 2018 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At present Göbeklitepe appears to raise more questions for archaeology and prehistory than it answers. It remains unknown how a population large enough existed to construct, augment, and maintain such a substantial complex. The variety of fauna depicted in reliefs – from lions and boars to birds and insects – makes any single explanation problematic. As there is little or no evidence of habitation, and many of the animals pictured are predators, the stones may have been intended to stave of evils through some form of magic representation. Alternatively, they could have served as totems.

After Alexander the Great, smaller Macedonian kingdoms controlled Nemrut Mountain territory, which hosts the temple-tomb built by the King Antiochos I.of Commagene (69-34 B.C.) for himself. This funerary mound of stone chips is surrounded by terraces with giant limestone statues. Inscriptions and relief sculptures record the genealogical links of the dual cultural origin of the Commagene Kingdom. Antiochos, as a descendant of the persian king Darius by his father Mithridates, and a descendant of Alexander by his mother Laodice, probably sought with his semi-legendary ancestry this syncretism of Greek-Persian pantheon. The assimilation of Zeus with Oromasdes (the Iranian god Ahuramazda), and Heracles with Artagnes (the Iranian god Verathragna) finds its artistic equivalent in an intimate mixture of Greek, Persian and Anatolian aesthetics. In terms of form, materials and design, Mount Nemrut is one of the unique and authentic artistic achievements of the Hellenistic period, with its fascinating monumental sculptures in a spectacular setting. Today, seasonal and daily temperature variations, freezing and thawing cycles, wind, snow accumulation and sun exposure are the greatest threat for Mount Nemrut. The height of the tumulus is now reduced from its estimated original 60 m due to weathering, previous uncontrolled research investigations and climbing by visitors. Within a first degree earthquake zone on the seismically active East Anatolian Fault, the tumulus, statues and stelae are very vulnerable.

Antalya: Antik Pamfilya Kentleri Perge-Aspendos-Side

Best preserved ancient theatre of the world, Aspendos still shows summer opera performances. One of the best excavated cities of Turkey is Perge. Relax at Kurşunlu Waterfall after the visits to the three ancient cities.

Antalya & Macera Rafting / Canyoning /ATV/Off Road Safari

Enjoy an adventurous rafting/canyoning route with your friends and family. A Quad-Bike ATV to drive through special tracks or find your way in an Off-Road Taurus Mountain Safari on four wheels.

Antalya: Antik Likya Kentleri Demre-Myra-Kekova

In Demre, see the Church of Saint Nicholas, referred to as Santa Claus and Myra ornate cave-tombs of the ancient Lykian culture. An amazing boat tour sailing alongside the banks of Kekova Island will show you the Sunken City.

Perge ancient city enchants by walking easily through its remnants. After Lydians, Persians and Alexander the Great, the city had its brightest era during the Romans. Passing the theatre and walking through the hippodrome (second largest after Aphrodisias), the agora, the colonnaded street with a water supply system adjoining the Nymphaeum fountain, one can see several social and cultural buildings. Besides monumental hellenistic and Roman Gates, especially the Roman Bath in the gymnasium gives a good idea what it was like, the heating system still visible. Perge is important for Christians because Saint Paul preached his first sermon here. Almost 2000 years old, Aspendos Ancient Theatre is the best preserved in the world, where 15,000 people are still hosted in festivals, operas and concerts. Together with the theatre, the aquaducts remind us of legendary architecture. Side ancient city is a touristic hotspot today, though in history it was a major city, with the biggest slave market. Walk through the streets and enjoy the new and old city with the typical ancient theatre, the Temple of Apollo & Artemis. The Kurşunlu Waterfall in a Natural Reserve is an oasis to relax after the exhausting historical visits.

At the skirts of the Taurus Mountain range, several outdoor activities are possible. Choose one of them or have a day combining two or three of these. Each of them have their special rules and age restrictions, where you also have to sign a form of accepting all risks. Children may participate at certain age, only when accompanied by their parents. Rafting: Paddling down Koprucay River, this course leads through a scenic landscape of untouched nature, winding through the mountain slopes. The stage chosen is one of the safest to maneuver the exciting flows and streams, perfectly to match a funs day with friends and family. Quad-Bike: This outdoor adventure off the beaten track allows you to balance the bike on dusty roads that are less traveled by. Leading through fabulous pine forests and muddy streams, the destination is ideal for both, first timers and the experienced. With a little practice the Quad-Bikes are easy to use. Off-Road Tour: Safaris into the gorgeous Taurus mountains are great for groups and families to explore the countryside. The mountain routes guide through wildlife and authentic villages with various shades of green. A refreshing swim at a waterfall hidden within the forest gives a wonderful feeling of serenity.

Alongside the Lykian Way a panoramic scenery leads to Demre, passing Phaselis and Olympos. Ancient Myra, once the capital city of Lycia, hosts the best examples of amazingly ornamented Lycian tombs, cut into the cliff of a rocky hill. On the same slope, a largely restored amphitheatre features genuine relief figures on it’s scene, nearby those with animals and grotesque masks laying scattered around. St Nicholas Church is located in Demre and served as a resting place to the Saint, often referred to as Santa Claus. Since he is considered the protecting patron of christian families, the museum is frequented by millions of pilgrims in our day. Kekova Island will be reached by a wonderful boat trip, passing by Simena ancient city. Due to tectonic movements that cause earthquakes, the Sunken City is partially visible under the water, sailing along its banks.

İSTANBUL’da başka neler yapılır ?


Oryantal ve folklor dansı ile yemekli Türk gecesi

Sınırsız alkolsüz içecekler ile akşam yemeği.


Oryantal ve folklor dansı ile yemekli Türk gecesi

Sınırsız yerli alkollü içecekler ile akşam yemeği.


Istanbul geceleri. Yerli birisiyle yansokakları keşfedin.

Akşam otelinizden alınıp “Mehteran” tarafından karşılanacağınız tekneye varış. Hoşgeldin içeceğinizi, oturma yerlerinizi ve soğuk başlangıçlarınızı aldıktan sonra menünüzü (ızgara balık, tavuk, köfte veya vejetaryen) ve tatlıyı seçebilirsiniz.
Akşam yemeğine farklı bölgelerden Türk halk dansları, Kafkasya ve Çingene dansları, davul-ritm gösterisi, DJ performansı ve ayrıca Yakın Doğu’dan devralınarak uyarladığımız oryantal dans gösterisi eşlik etmektedir.
* Bu tur tekneye gidiş-dönüşü, sınırsız alkolsüz içeceklerin dahil olduğu bir akşam yemeğini (8-12 kişilik ortak masalar) içerir.
Akşam otelinizden alınıp “Mehteran” tarafından karşılanacağınız tekneye varış. Hoşgeldin içeceğinizi, oturma yerlerinizi ve soğuk başlangıçlarınızı aldıktan sonra menünüzü (ızgara balık, tavuk, köfte veya vejetaryen) ve tatlıyı seçebilirsiniz.
Akşam yemeğine farklı bölgelerden Türk halk dansları, Kafkasya ve Çingene dansları, davul-ritm gösterisi, DJ performansı ve ayrıca Yakın Doğu’dan devralınarak uyarladığımız oryantal dans gösterisi eşlik etmektedir.
* Bu tur tekneye gidiş-dönüşü, sınırsız alkollü içeceklerin dahil olduğu bir akşam yemeğini (8-12 kişilik ortak masalar) içerir.
Akşamları otelinizden alınıp İstanbul’un yan sokaklarını bir yerli rehber eşliğinde keşfedin. Taksim meydanı ve İstiklal Caddesi çevresi, balık pazarı, Çiçek Pasajı, Nevizade Caddesi. Burada barlar, restoranlar, gece kulüpleri, diskotekler, kafeler, alışveriş caddeleri yer alıyor. Her şehirde olduğu gibi, bazı yerler, bir turistin kendi başına güvenli bir şekilde bulması ve keşfetmesi için zamana ihtiyaç duyulan gizli köşeleri kısa zamanda ve kolayca erişin.
* Bu tur, otele gidiş-dönüş transferleri içermektedir. Sokaklarda ayaküstü atıştırmalık lezzetlerle küçük sürprizler yaşayabilirsiniz. Yine nerede, ne yenir bilinmeli.

HAMAM € 50.-






Türk Hamamı Roma ve Osmanlı hamamlarının bir kombinasyonudur.

Hamam Türleri: Günümüzde bazıları çoğunlukla turistlere, bazıları yerlilere, bazıları ise her ikisine de  hizmet vermektedir. Yerliler için olan hamamlar muhtemelen en iyi hizmete sahiptirler. Turistik hamamlarda ise fiyatlar yüksek fakat hizmet vasattır. Spa tipi hamamlarda daha fazla ödeyeceksiniz ve hizmetiniz oldukça iyi olsa da bazı Spa’larda Batılılaşmış tarzda hizmet verilebilmektedir.

Servis Seçenekleri: Self servisden tam servise kadar çeşitli masaj seçenekleriyle bir menüden seçim yapabilirsiniz. Sıcak bir odada ısınma, çok kapsamlı bir ovma ve sabunlama ve isteğe bağlı bir masaj içerir. Self servis seçeneğini belirlerseniz, yalnızca tesislere erişim satın alırsınız.

Hamam’a varış: Hizmetinizi seçin ve girdiğinizde ödeme yapın. Size bir çift  sandalet, peştamal verilecektir. Soyunma odasında eşyalarınızı koyabileceğiniz bir dolabınız olacak. Giysilerinizi değiştirdikten sonra sauna veya buhar alanına yönlendirileceksiniz. Hazırlanmak ve terlemek için en az 20 dakika gerekmektedir.

Görgü Kuralları: Hamamlar kamuya açık sosyal yerlerdir. Büyük hamamların bir erkek bölümü ve bir kadın bölümü vardır. Daha küçük hamamların sadece erkekler için ve diğer zamanları sadece kadınlar için belirli zamanları vardır. Çoğunlukla erkekler erkekler için, kadınlar kadınlar için çalışır.

Erkekler: İç çamaşırları da dahil olmak üzere tüm kıyafetlerinizi çıkarın. Peştemali belinize sarın ve sonuna kadar takın. Hamamda asla peştemali çıkarmayın.

Kadınlar: Sütyeniniz de dahil olmak üzere kıyafetlerinizi çıkarın. İç çamaşırları çıkarmak isteğe bağlıdır. Çoğu kadın iç çamaşırı veya bikini altı giyer. Gövdenizi (göğüsten bacaklara) yatay olarak sarın.

Hamam Servisi: Göbektașı denilen alttan ısıtılan mermer bir platform üzerinde, Hamam terapistiniz özel bir kese kullanarak vücudunuzu boyundan, ayak parmaklarına kadar keseleyecektir. Cildinizden çıkan gri çamurun kendi ölü cildiniz olduğunu fark edecek ve şaşıracaksınız.

Sonra sabunla doldurulmuş bir yastık kılıfının içindeki köpük baloncuklarını terapistiniz havayı sıkacak ve köpükle tüm vücudunuza masaj  yapıp sonrasında sizi yıkayıp temizleyecektir. Sıcak ve ılık su kaseleri ile yıkanacaksınız.

Masaj: Masaj isteğe bağlıdır. İsveç masajı veya Tai masajını tercih edebilirsiniz.

Dilerseniz terapistiniz masaj çeşidi hakkında sizi yönlendirecektir.

Çiftler Hamamları: Sadece çiftlere özel hamamlardır . Terapist erkek veya bayan olabilir.

Hiçbir koşulda bir kadın, masör erkekse çamaşırını çıkarmamalı ve peştemalini kaldırmamalıdır.

Dinlenme: Masajdan sonra hamamın dışında bir alanda dinlenebilir ve istediğiniz kadar kalabilirsiniz. Hazır olduğunuzda doğrudan duşlara gidebilirsiniz. Birçok hamamda, çay veya meyve suyunun servis edildiği bir dinlenme alanı vardır.

Masörünüz için dilerseniz % 10 ile % 20 arasında bahşiş verebilirsiniz.

Hamamdan sonra hiçbir şey yapmayı planlamayın. Rahatlamış ve gevşemiş olacaksınız. İyi bir uyku için otel odanıza gidin.


Otelinizden alınıp “Şerbet” ile karşılanacağınız sanat merkezine gidin. Bu dini bir töredir ve bir grupta uygulansa da genel olarak son derece bireyseldir. Sema töreni sırasında sizden olabildiğince sessiz kalmanızı rica ediyoruz. Törenden sonra size sorularınıza yardımcı olabilecek dervişlerle konuşabilirsiniz. Sonrasında otelinize geri götürüleceksiniz.

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273) tarafından kurulan ve Mevlevi dervişler tarafından gerçekleştirilen Sema töreni, kişinin ego veya kişisel arzularını terk ederek, tanrıya odaklanan manevi bir yolculuktur. Dervişlerin dansı ve ona eşlik eden müziğin mistik havası fevkalade güzelliktedir ve UNESCO İnsanlık Mirası olarak ilan edilmiştir.


Sema esnasında derviş, “kendinden geçmiş bir transla” sona erecek bir meditasyon-ibadet halindedir. Şapkası ve beyaz gömleği, mezar taşını ve kefeni temsil eder. Derviş siyah pelerini çıkardığında dünyevi geçicilikten İlahi Aşk gerçeğine yeniden doğar. Kollarını çapraz olarak vücutta birleştirerek tanrının birliği olan 1’i temsil eder. Sema yaparken, sağ kol gökyüzüne yönlendirilir, tanrının ihsanını almaya hazırdır; sol eli yeryüzüne doğru dönerek tanrının ruhsal armağanını törene tanık olanlara aktarmaktadır.


Mevleviler islami bir yaşam tarzını benimserler. “Ruhun beslenmesini” geliştirmek, aslında kozmosu “anlamak” ve “daha ​​yüksek bilgiye ulaşmak” ile eş anlamlıdır ve esas olan Vahye kavuşmaktır. Mevlâna Celaleddin Rumi, “Tüm aşklar İlahi aşk için bir köprüdür” diyor.


1925’te tüm tekke ve zaviyeler kanunen kapatılmıştır. 1954’te Türk hükümeti Mevlevihanelere turistlere ritüel semazen yapmak için özel izin çıkarmıştır. Günümüzde, semazenlerin törenini turistik bir gösteriden ayırt etmek için, sadece gözlerle değil, kalben ve ruhen izlemek gerekir. Tarihte sadece erkeklerin semaya katılmasına izin verilirken, bazı topluluklar şimdi kadınlarında katılmasına izin vermektedir.


Gösteriden önce “Şerbet” ikram edilir.


* Fotoğraf çekimine ve 6 yaşından küçük çocukların girişine izin verilmez.

Başlıca Hizmetlerimiz













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Soru & Cevap

Turlara neden katılmalı ?

We are time and cost efficient, thus you make most of your vacation. You can even combine 2 tours together, not only see more places in one day, you save a day to plan otherwise. You spare also one days hotel cost and expenditure.

Neye dikkat etmeli ?

We plan our route most efficiently, evading traffic whenever possible. Everyone who is able to walk normal walking speed, which is 3 km/h, can do it. Elder/handicapped people might need somebody to help them to keep up with the walking pace.

Çocuklar ?

Children under 5 years are free and don’t have a seat in the coach. 6-7 years pay half price and have a personal seat. 8 years and above pay full price. Attention: Young children may get bored in the tours, due to high historic content. Flights: only 0-2 age is free, without a seat.

Tura katılım şartları nelerdir ?

Most important is to be on time. No reeimbursement, or pay back for non-used parts of the tour, if one is lost, late, or has other personal reasons. (Please read general conditions).

Tur, araç ve rehber ücretleri

Grup Turlarımız





Best Choice

$49.99/ month

Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three

Feature Four


Best Choice

$49.99/ month

Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three

Feature Four


Best Choice

$49.99/ month

Feature One

Feature Two

Feature Three

Feature Four




Kurucu Ortak & Rehber


Kurucu Ortak


Rota Danışmanı













ALL OF ISTANBUL  is a Tourism Company that runs the Travel Agency  aha!tour

In Turkey “aha!” means  here it is, you can see itin the rest of the world, a surprising deeper understanding of things”.

In essence, we offer ALL OF ISTANBUL in 1 DAY,  &  ALL OF TURKEY in 3-6 DAYS,

in which You can see the most famous and most visited touristic destinations of Turkey.

We hope that You will have many “aha!” moments in our tours.

ALL OF ISTANBUL in 1 DAY, is operated almost  everyday.

ALL OF TURKEY in 3-6 DAYS, depends on your arrivals.

Please contact us telling us for how long You want to stay here, and let us make You a program for Your days.

info@ahatour.com      info@allofistanbul.com

MICE: Toplantı-Şirket Gezisi-Kongre-Etkinlikler

ALL OF ISTANBUL – AHATOUR, can be your professional partner for exceptional trips in Turkey. For further information please click the MICE button.




ALL OF ISTANBUL – AHATOUR, can be your professional partner for exceptional trips in Turkey.

A trip with high content and culture? An experience with an adventurous fun factor, or traveling in luxurious style?

Small or big traveller groups, you can count on us to provide outstanding experiences for your clients.

What is your objective? Who is going on the trip. We are very curious and we want to know our customers through and through. We attach great importance to your input and welcome honest feedback.

We roll out our Turkey map for you and select the destination in line with your wishes, company philosophy and budget. For your groups AHATOUR won’t propose standard packages from travel brochures or from the internet. We will mould a journey around our clients’ needs and desires. Our target effects.

Unforgettable “aha!” moments and an overall impression of “wow!”.

Our mission: Experience. Authenticity. Discovery. Ecology. These are the fundamental values held dear by me as owner and general manager of ALL OF ISTANBUL – AHATOUR.

“I was fifteen when we were asked at school to draw a picture showing our future profession. I drew myself as a guide showing the Blue Mosque to a group of tourists. I knew then: I want to work in tourism.” Ahmet Hennan AKDOGAN

Also we think it’s fantastic to link your trip to a social project, so that your guests can really taste, live and experience a difference, with locals, communities, schools, children.

We also have a soft spot for ecological goals. We watch our carbon footprints, because the world is fantastic, and we want to keep it that way. We believe in sustainability 100%. With hands on hearts, we also promise that we never pursue these values at the expense of our personal service to our clients.

Why choose AHATOUR?

We are available 24/7 and arrange everything: before, during and after.

We have personal contact with all hotels, guides and drivers

We test and inspect everything in advance

We want to be the best, not the lowest cost travel planner

Customer loyalty, pleasure and experience are our priorities

Over 30 years’ personal experience, domestically and abroad.

We hold the reins tightly in our hands behind the scene.

We will not show the stressful moments to our clients. Though at the front all seems to happen easily on its own, we ensure that the logistics of your tour run like a train from A to Z, meanwhile keeping a broad smile on our face.

Our tailor-made dream trips and small nuances will leave a deep impression that will endure for years after you return home.

We plan your trip from ariving at Istanbul Airport until your departure. We accompany you on the journey from start to finish.

Can we be your trusted partner ?

We make a transparent price offer without any unpleasant surprises.

We make all the contacts and put everyone on the same line. Hotels, timely briefings, appropriate rewards.

We know closely for more than 30 years our local partners and suppliers who in return know us. Our excellent relationships with partners are based on our transparent approach, mutual respect and fair remuneration.

On the day itself we are the first ones on the scene, with a detailed scenario for every link of the tour. We personally ensure that your guests lack for nothing, so that your only job is to enjoy the trip.

Conditions and General Information on Group Tours

The tours are conducted in a way that we make the most of the day. It starts at the Hippodrome/Egyptian Obelisk at 8:15 am. and ends in the afternoon in the old city.

Our tours include all entrance fees of museums and palaces, Professional Tourist Guide, and all kinds of transportation, depending on group size, daily traffic conditions etc


Attention 1:  aha! tour reserves the right to modify the order of the places to be visited.

Attention 2: You have to keep up normal walking speed of 3 km/h. In the old city walking only. Handicapped or elder people might need help to keep up with the pace.

Attention 3: Due to historic content young children may get bored. Ages 0-5 free, ages 6-7 %50. (Children discount only with a valid lD card or passport). +8 years pay full price.

Attention 4: Mondays Beylerbeyi Palace is closed. Tuesdays Topkapi Palace is closed. These will be replaced by the Underground Basilica Cistern.

Mondays in winter season Hagia Sophia is closed and will be replaced by the Chora Museum. 

Attention 5: There will be no refund for any unused portion of the tour, due to getting lost, not able to follow the tour group, for not being on time, or other personal reasons of the client.

Attention 6: Cancellation possible minimum 24 hours before the tour. Tours including flights, no reimbursement, no return of money paid.

Attention 7: Participants are liable to follow instructions of the captain on board of the boat.

Attention 8: There is no lunch. We recommend a good breakfast.

Attention 9:  aha! tour Disclaims any responsibility for the loss or theft of personal items or luggage during the tour. No guarantee given to get the items back.

Attention 10: No smoking in closed areas, vehicles, boat, museums. Smoking possible only in open air, outside boat or vehicles.

Attention 11: aha! tour has no liability, and shall not pay any indemnity or reimbursement in the event that part of the tour could not be visited by reasons beyond our control.

 aha! tour may postpone or cancel the tour due to unforeseen circumstances/force majeur, without prior notice.

Final Attention : Everybody booking a tour of  aha! tour accepts all above terms and conditions.

Istanbul Commercial Justice Courts responsible for any discrepancies between two sides, the provider of tour services  aha! tour and the client/tourist.